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College of Arts & Sciences
Baruch Institute

  • Aerial photograph of North Inlet Estuary

    North Inlet Estuary The water and habitat qualities are oustanding, and changes observed in our studies can be interpreted as natural processes free of local human disturbance.more

  • Bobcat strolls the marsh boardwalk

    Scientists aren't the only ones using the marsh boardwalk. Bobcats, racoons, possums, a few bucks and a new species for the walk, a rabbit, are frequently caught on camera.more

  • Baruch marine Field Laboratory

    Baruch Marine Field Laboratory The Institute's coastal facility supports a broad range of scientific and educational activities.more

  • octopus clambank landing

    Visitors are always welcome The Institute welcomes individuals and groups for research, education, and/or training. more

The Belle W. Baruch Institute for Marine and Coastal Sciences conducts research and supports education to improve the management of marine and coastal resources and advance basic science for the well-being of people and their environment.