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College of Arts & Sciences
Baruch Institute

Dianne I. Greenfield, SCAEL PI

Dr. Dianne Greenfield is a Research Associate Professor with USC’s Belle W. Baruch Institute for Marine and Coastal Sciences and holds a joint appointment as the Director of the SC Algal Ecology Laboratory at the Marine Resources Research Institute, SCDNR.  Her research interests are in marine and coastal phytoplankton ecology, physiology, and biogeochemistry.  More specifically, she studies the causes and consequences of bloom formation, including but not limited to harmful algal bloom (HAB) species.  Dr. Greenfield uses a wide variety of techniques ranging from microscopy to molecular approaches.  Before joining the SCAEL, Dr. Greenfield received a PhD in Oceanography from Stony Brook University where she she investigated how the “brown tide” pelagophyte Aureococcus anophagefferens influenced variability in phytoplankton assemblages and the growth/feeding physiology of hard clams amongst Long Island, NY, embayments as well as a Postdoctoral Fellowship from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) where she used ribosomal RNA-targeted DNA probes to characterize phytoplankton assemblages, particularly related to the Environmental Sample Processor (ESP).        Curriculum Vitae (pdf format)

Contact Information
    Office:     Hollings Marine Laboratory,  H212-G
    Phone:    843-725-4823
    Fax:          843-762-8737