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College of Arts & Sciences
Baruch Institute

Summer 2017 Undergraduate Assistantships

Franklin H. and Virginia M. Spivey

Summer Undergraduate Fellowships

in Marine Research and Education

At the USC Baruch Marine Field Laboratory 




USC undergraduates in the School of the Earth, Ocean, and Environment (marine science, geosciences, and environment & sustainability) are invited to apply for a 10-week summer research assistantship focusing on zooplankton, fish, and salt marsh ecology at the Baruch Marine Field Laboratory in Georgetown, SC. Two positions will be available for summer 2017.

The Assistantship:
 Students will work with Drs. Dennis Allen and Matt Kimball on research projects that examine the distribution and behavior of zooplankton and fishes in estuarine and coastal ecosystems. This work will take place in the North Inlet and Winyah Bay estuaries and will involve:
    Field collections of zooplankton and fishes with plankton nets, seines, and cast nets.
    Field observations of animal distribution and behavior using high-resolution imaging sonar.
    Sample processing in the field and in the lab using microscopes, computer programs, etc.
    Analyses and interpretation of sonar (video), net catch, and physical data. 
    Opportunities to work with environmental education staff in support of public programs.

Each full-time (37.5 hours per week) position is from Monday May 15 through Friday July 21. The rate is $11.50 per hour. Health insurance will be provided during the assistantship if you are not otherwise covered (e.g., Student Health Plan, parent's plan). Housing will be provided in one of the Baruch dormitories on site (Hobcaw Barony).

APPLICATION:  Email Dr. Matt Kimball ( with the following information:  

(1) your name, contact information, year in school, and major,

(2) why you are interested and how this fits into your training and plans for the future, and

(3) your eligibility and availability to work the equivalent of 5 full days per week during the 10-week period.

Note: only undergraduates who will not graduate before August 2017 are eligible.

Application deadline is Monday, February 20, 2017.  

If you have any questions, contact Dr. Kimball (843-904-9030, prior to the application deadline. Two successful applicants will be notified by Friday, March 3, 2017.