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The Belle W. Baruch Institute for Marine and Coastal Sciences conducts research and supports education to improve the management of marine and coastal resources and advance basic science for the well-being of people and their environment. As our name implies, our research focus is on estuarine and coastal sciences and is inclusive of biological, geological, chemical, physical, and hydrological processes, and the influences, interactions, and synergies among these. The overarching themes are coastal systems, global change, and food webs. The North Inlet Estuary—our primary research site—is an environmentally unique location that offers incredible research opportunities. Because of its essentially pristine habitat and water qualities, it serves as a sentinel site for climate change and provides the increasingly rare opportunity for scientists to assess impacts associated with human activities. Our studies of North Inlet span the molecular to landscape level of organization and temporal scales from short term (hours) to long term (decades). Other systems, local and throughout the world are studied by Institute researchers and Associates. These include a variety of coastal, estuarine, and tidal freshwater systems in SC, in the US, and internationally.