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College of Arts & Sciences
Baruch Institute

Current Research, Monitoring, and Education Projects

The Current Research, Monitoring, and Education Projects document provides summaries of 62 projects currently being conducted at the BMFL by staff, graduate students, and faculty associated with the University of South Carolina and other institutions.  The University of South Carolina is the home institution for 40 of the investigators conducting research at the BMFL.  In addition, 65 investigators representing 27 other institutions and agencies are carrying out projects at the BMFL.  Dozens of graduate and undergraduate students assist scientists throughout the year to obtain hands-on training in field methods and to conduct research.

A wide variety of basic and applied research is represented.  Each project summary includes the title, investigators, affiliations, and project abstract.  This list includes only those projects that make regular use of the site.  Most of the studies that involve field measurements and collections are being conducted within the North Inlet–Winyah Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve (NI–WB NERR). Both independent and multi-disciplinary studies are conducted by biologists, chemists, geologists, oceanographers, and other specialists who share interests in the structure, function, and condition of coastal environments.

For more information, please contact the individual investigator(s), Dr. Matt Kimball.  Bruce Pfirrmann facilitates researcher use of the BMFL and is available for training and assistance.