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College of Arts & Sciences
Baruch Institute

Facilities, Resources, & Research Sites

Organizationally within the USC College of Arts and Sciences' School of the Earth, Ocean, and Environment, the Baruch Institute has facilities on the University’s main campus in Columbia, SC, a field laboratory located on Hobcaw Barony, near Georgetown, SC, and a Charleston-based research laboratory in partnership with the SC Department of Natural Resources. Descriptions of our facilities and services are found under the respective link.  Each sites has expertise, equipment, and services appropriate to accommodate most research and education needs.   Highly specialized resources are available according to the focus of the site or may be located on the Columbia campus.  Information about these specialized resources are found under the Resources link, otherwise see the site-specific facility description for resources there. 

Baruch researchers work throughout the world; however, North Inlet Estuary, Georgetown, SC, has been the focus of the Institute's research, for good reason.  The outstanding habitat and water qualities mean that changes observed can be interpreted as natural processes.   This unique site enables comparison to more developed estuaries and assessment of anthropogenic effects.  Spanning the molecular to the landscape level of organization and time frames from short term (hours) to long term (decades), the many resultant datasets and publications (available online or by contacting the Institute) provide context for new studies.  See the Primary & Other Research Sites link for a full site description of North Inlet Estuary.