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Meteorological Databases

Before using any data, users are responsible for reading both the Data Distribution Liability & Acknowledgement information, which applies to all data on this website, and the metadata specific to the data of interest. Databases not available online are so noted.

Questions about or requests for assistance with any of the databases should be addressed to the Data Manager (, 803 777 5288). 


Note:  Real-time Data are available under that link.


    All Meteorological databases in Access


    Each individual database in Excel and Access:     

Meteorological & Water – LTER
1982-1996 (Excel)       1982-1996 (Access)       Metadata - condensed version        Data Set Credit

Rainfall Monitoring
1978-2001 (Excel)       1978-2001 (Access)        Metadata - condensed version         Data Set Credit

Weather – NWS Station North Inlet
1986-1996 (Excel)       1986-1996 (Access)        Metadata - condensed version       Data Set Credit