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College of Arts & Sciences
Baruch Institute

Research program

Coastal Systems and Global Change

North Inlet is a sentinel site for global change research, because it is relatively free of the localized effects of pollution, eutrophication, land-use change, dredging, and myriad other anthropogenic impacts. The North Inlet landscape, biology, chemistry and physics are changing. These are documented by unparalleled long-term collections of data that span more than four decades.

Primary focus areas are

     Estuarine and coastal oceanography
     Groundwater chemistry and hydrology
     Coastal and estuarine geology
     Wetlands Ecology
     Graphic information systems

Food Webs

Estuarine systems involve complex interactions among organisms in both the water column and bottom sediments.  Numerous factors, such as the needs and tolerances of the organisms, their chemical and physical environments, movements, and predator-prey or competitive interactions can influence the structure of biological communities and the success or failure of a species, including those of commercial value. 

Primary focus areas are

     Population and community dynamics
     Larval ecology and recruitment
     Algal ecology, physiology, and molecular biology
     Zooplankton ecology
     Fish ecology and genetics
     Invertebrate ecology
     Microbial ecology and molecular biology
     Ecology and physiology of marsh vegetation